Season 5: What Touches Your Heart About Duchenne?

Join us for Season 5 of PPMD’s Living Duchenne podcast, where we bring together community voices to talk about all aspects of the Duchenne experience. This season gathers stories around the theme, “What Touches Your Heart About Duchenne?”

Despite the many challenges that come with this disease there are also numerous affirming impacts that come with being in this community. From forging lifelong friendships with other families and discovering a deeper sense of purpose to your life, to changing the way you approach your work as a researcher and provider, host Rachel Poysky sits down with guests from different walks of life to hear their stories about how they have been positively transformed by their relationship with Duchenne.

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Episode 1: From Coach to Lifelong Connection

For a lot of people fall is synonymous with football and for those in the muscular dystrophy community, that means Coach To Cure MD. Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s nationwide initiative partners with the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) to educate about Duchenne and Becker and raise funds for research. Every September high school and college coaches sport the “Coach To Cure MD” patches at games and talk about ways to support individuals with Duchenne at press conferences and other media events. These coaches, along with their teams, also forge special connections with families and individuals with Duchenne both on and off the field. In this episode, we hear from Jack, Brian, and Karen Wolf and Coach Keith Otterbein of Hillsdale College about their enduring friendship sparked through this incredible program.