PPMD Lighthouse Workshops

PPMD Lighthouse Workshops provide a safe and supportive space to build stronger connections and deeper insights about life and identity that go beyond diagnosis and management.

Through small group facilitated meetings these virtual workshops aim to foster conversation, connectivity, and well-being. We believe in the strength of unity and the power of guidance and support in building a strong community.

Current Workshop Groups

PPMD’s Lighthouse Workshops are still in their pilot phase, and we are committed to crafting impactful resources, with the intention of expanding the series to accommodate others.

Our Winter/Spring 2024 Series offers a number of different options for participation. We have groups for:

  • Primary Caregivers
  • Carriers
  • Spouses and Partners of individuals with a Becker or Duchenne diagnosis

You are welcome to join any group, but we are offering these dedicated groups for our Winter/Spring 2024 Series to focus on the unique needs of our community.

Workshop Details

Guided by Rachel Callander’s ALLYship program, PPMD Lighthouse Workshops discuss a range of topics centering around our story and the language we use to form those narratives. The program offers individuals and families an opportunity to come together in a safe space to build stronger connections and deeper insights about life and identity that go beyond diagnosis and management.

What a PPMD Lighthouse Workshop entails:

  • There are typically four groups to choose from, limited to 20 individuals in each group.
  • Groups will meet virtually every other week for a total of eight sessions each.
  • Each group will be facilitated by Rachel Callander, who will guide participants in a focused discussion on various topics related to wellbeing, sense of self, and personal reflection, among others.

We ask that all participants:

  • Attend each session with an open heart and open mind, be present, and actively contribute.
  • Keep all workshop discussions and experiences respectful and within the group, as we’ll work together to maintain a safe and inclusive space.

Please note, this workshop is not intended to replace medical advice from a qualified medical professional. If you feel you require medical assistance or are in crisis, please reach out to your physician or local emergency services or crisis line. Lighthouse personnel are facilitators who are not trained or licensed to provide mental health services. Our goal is to foster through Lighthouse, open communication, support, and coping skills. 

Why PPMD Lighthouse?

We know that we are stronger together. We also know building community and connection requires guidance and support. It means creating a safe, strong harbor for all.

The lighthouse is a symbol of these attributes, prompting us to reflect on our daily efforts within our homes and communities for those affected by Duchenne and Becker.

PPMD Lighthouse aims to be a guiding light, helping you navigate the challenges of this disease and acting as a beacon that draws us together.


For additional information contact ellen@parentprojectmd.org.