PPMD Venture Pathways is the venture philanthropy program of PPMD, providing industry investment to accelerate therapeutic development.

Part of PPMD’s core mission is to accelerate research, which includes identifying promising therapeutic strategies and spurring their development and translation into the clinic with hope for approval and access for patients.

Through PPMD Venture Pathways, our investment enables companies to complete critical studies needed to secure significant funding required to advance investigational products to the clinic.

The goal of these investments is to increase PPMD’s return on mission by moving potential therapies into the clinic. If these investments result in any financial gains, those funds will be reinvested into our research strategy, supporting the continued advancement of therapies. The goal of this program, like PPMD’s other research strategies, is to get effective and safe therapies to the clinic and then into the hands of our community as quickly as possible.

To learn more about how you can support PPMD Venture Pathways please reach out to Erin@parentprojectmd.org