Season 4: Centering Women in the Duchenne Journey

Season 4 of our Living Duchenne podcast continues the dialogue started with the 2022 World Duchenne Awareness Day’s theme, “Women & Duchenne.” This season we bring together a number of perspectives from women living various aspects of the dystrophinopathy experience. Our guests include caregivers exploring new pathways to self-care, women navigating their identities in the carrier community, family members such as aunts, and grandmothers, and wives discussing how to support their loved ones and each other. Join us for conversation and connection!

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Episode 1: In Conversation with Diverse Caregivers

From siblings to grandparents to aunts and uncles and partners–a Duchenne or Becker diagnosis impacts across every family member, many of whom take on their own type of caregiving roles. Our host Rachel Poysky sits down with guests Susan Samuelson, Alyson Teal, and Hilary Becker who offer their unique insights on caring for a loved one with Duchenne and Becker, supporting primary caregivers, and sharing their own struggles and discoveries as people who “live Duchenne and Becker” from a different perspective.

Episode 2: Caring for Carriers

Whether you’re a woman who is a carrier for Duchenne or are close to a family member or loved one with a carrier status, it’s important to put physical and emotional wellness in focus. On this episode, we’re joined by Trina Stelly and Mindy Cameron who talk candidly with host, Rachel Poysky about their experiences navigating a carrier status and what they find both rewarding and challenging about taking control of their health.

Episode 3: Making Space for You

The good news: there is no wrong way to practice self-care. The even better news: self-care comes in all shapes and sizes; it’s infinitely customizable by you, for you! Our host Rachel Poysky sits down with Duchenne moms, Betty Vertin and Jill Castle for some candid conversation about the many paths to self-care empowerment.

Episode 4: Women Living Duchenne – When the Disease Manifests in Women

Duchenne is not exclusive to males. Though rare, women can also be affected by the disease, which raises different kinds of questions, challenges, and discoveries. On this episode, Deb Jenssen and Mariana Livingston join host Rachel Poysky to offer their thoughts and insights about the complexities of the way the disease manifests in women and what we can do to raise awareness and provide more support for women living Duchenne.