Season 2: Finding Community, the Silver Lining of Duchenne

Our second season, Finding Community, the Silver Lining of Duchenne, will consist of four weekly episodes released throughout the holiday season, hosted by Rachel Poysky, a Duchenne mom and PPMD South Texas Connect Coordinator. Each episode will cover topics related to the importance of finding the power of us.

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Episode 1: Where We Began

Welcome to Season 2 of Living Duchenne! This season we are exploring “Building Community” and finding the silver lining of Duchenne. On our first episode, we are are excited to welcome PPMD’s co-founders Pat Furlong and Donna Saccomanno. Join us to hear Pat and Donna talk about what it took to create community and connection in a time before the Internet made it easier for us to find one another and when muscular dystrophy research was still in its infancy.

Episode 2: Finding Your “Us”

On the second episode of this season, we are joined by Duchenne moms Jessica Divin and Maria Jose Contreras to talk about making space on the Duchenne journey for connection with other parents and caregivers.

Episode 3: Growing The Teen & Adult Community

On this episode, Patrick Moeschen and Adith Thummalapalli join our host Rachel Poysky to talk about the importance of forging social bonds in the Duchenne and Becker teen and adult community.

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Episode 4: Making Social Connections

On this final episode of season 2 of PPMD’s Living Duchenne, we are joined by DeAnne Friar, parent and PPMD Connect Michigan coordinator and Nicole Herring, PPMD’s Vice President, Development & Community Engagement. Our host, Rachel Poysky, leads a discussion about the importance of making social connections to manage the diagnosis of Duchenne through support networks both locally and nationally.

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