Season 3: Putting the “We” in Wellness

Welcome to Season 3 of PPMD’s podcast, Living Duchenne. Our host, Rachel Poysky (a Duchenne mom and PPMD Connect Coordinator) sits down with a new round of guests to talk about taking care of ourselves. How do we incorporate wellness practices–physical, mental, and emotional–into our intense and busy Duchenne family lives?

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Episode 1: Let’s Chat About Counseling

Lauren Fritz (Duchenne parent and licensed counselor) and Maria McDonnell

For some, counseling and therapy may seem a bit mysterious or even a little scary or overwhelming. The good news–it doesn’t have to be! On this episode, Rachel chats with guests Lauren Fritz (Duchenne parent and licensed counselor) and Maria McDonnell (Duchenne parent) as they share their individual experiences with counseling and how it has positively impacted their mental health and wellbeing.

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Episode 2: Today Is Just OK, and That Is OK

Jessica Divin and Alisha Taylor

“You’re doing great!” “Keep going!” “You’ve got this!” We all see the cheery, inspirational posts on social media, but maybe you find yourself thinking: “I don’t have this at all.” Not only is that okay, but guess what? You’re not alone. On this episode, Rachel leads a refreshing, lighthearted conversation about managing expectations when things look or feel less than “perfect.” Guests and Duchenne parents, Jessica Divin and Alisha Taylor, join Rachel for some candid talk and humorous stories about navigating roadblocks and finding the lighter side of “parenting fails” that make us human.

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Episode 3: Snack on This: Bite-sized Wellness Tips

Tiffany Herring and Kindann Fawcett

Let’s face it, sometimes taking a yoga class or finding time to try meditation is not simply realistic in a family with Duchenne. Why follow the wellness rules when you can simply make your own? Duchenne parents Tiffany Herring and Kindann Fawcett join Rachel to talk about accessible, reasonable ways to incorporate nutrition and physical activity into your busy routines. Listeners will hear creative solutions by real people that they can easily customize to fit their unique family dynamic.

Episode 4: Add More Play to Your Day

Colleen Labbadia and Physical Therapist Claudia Senesac

Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote: “It is a happy talent to know how to play.” Fun, joy, laughter, letting loose, and taking breaks from our routines to relax and play are all vital parts of physical, mental, and emotional health and wellbeing. On this episode Rachel sits down with Duchenne parent Colleen Labbadia and Physical Therapist Claudia Senesac to chat about the importance of making time for family fun and how to spot creative opportunities to add more play into your day.