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Gaming with limited dexterity. Game easier with a vertical mouse that is easier to grip and hold.  The control bar can be moved in all...

  • Submitted by: Ethan Pyles

Record notes with ease. Record and write while adding audio recordings to your notes. Learn More: Echo 2 Smartpen - Livescribe Smartpen – Livescribe Inc....

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Ultra-lightweight gaming computer mouse. Lightweight mouse that you can even remove a piece of the mouse to make even lighter. Learn More: Lightweight Honeycomb Image from...

Wireless charger for iPhone. Place iPhone on top of charger instead of needing to plug in. Learn More: MagSafe Charger - Apple

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Magnetic charger. Use a magnetic charger instead of using a regular charger which can be harder to plug in. Learn More: VOLTA Spark  

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Use your thumbprint to unlock a door. Get a doorknob that unlocks with your thumbprint. Or install Alexa to open a door based on your voice....

To adjust height and stability of your arms. Arm support you can mount to your desk to hold the arm while using a keyboard and...

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Allows for independent living. Easy to grab items, open draws and lockers, push buttons. Learn More: Jaco Robotic Arm | Numotion WATCH HACK IN ACTION:...

Allows for independent eating. Obi is a robotic machine that allows diners to eat at their own pace. Learn More: Obi Eating Device Image Courtesy...

Play video games hands free. Use voice controls to play your favorite video games. Learn More: Dragon Anywhere Watch the Hack in Action: [video][/video]

  • Submitted by: Dain Wiseman

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