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Keep your pillow in place while in an adjustable bed. "When my grandson uses his hospital bed, his pillow can slip down too far or...

  • Submitted by: Ken Wallace

For help with lifting. This can help caregivers with lifting when fastened around a person.  Helps with transfers as it gives a good place to...

  • Submitted by: Mallory Dupree

For easier transfers. Try a 3/4" plywood cut and put under toilet and wrap with white stripping raises toilet to 21" for easier transfers. WATCH...

  • Submitted by: Patrick Moeschen

Avoid water everywhere. Adding a rubber strip along the base of your roll-in shower can help avoid water all over the floor of the bathroom....

  • Submitted by: Patrick Moeschen

Wireless charger for iPhone. Place iPhone on top of charger instead of needing to plug in. Learn More: MagSafe Charger - Apple

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Magnetic charger. Use a magnetic charger instead of using a regular charger which can be harder to plug in. Learn More: VOLTA Spark  

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Helps pop open caps. Great for round circle caps to pull open. Learn More: Jar Opener and Bottle Opener WATCH HACK IN ACTION:  

  • Submitted by: Michael Voto

JarKey can help open drinks and drawers. The JarKey is the right size to fit under a counter to open up drawers as well as...

  • Submitted by: Michael Voto

Helps push buttons and lift items. Get a pole with a hook to help push buttons, flip switches, and grab items. See Product Ideas: Richards...

  • Submitted by: Chris Younkin

Use your thumbprint to unlock a door. Get a doorknob that unlocks with your thumbprint. Or install Alexa to open a door based on your voice....

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