September 10, 2019 / Coach To Cure MD,Community,DIY Fundraising

Event Spotlight: Houston’s Coach To Cure MD

I have had so many people calling to ask “what can I do for Coach To Cure MD?” so I thought I would talk about our longest running Coach To Cure MD event in Houston TX hosted by Rachel Poysky, Duchenne mom and PPMD Connect coordinator of North TX.

Each year they have around 200 people in attendance. Her event consists of a venue, food, silent auction and a raffle. You can take one or all of these ideas and make it your own.

Check out our Q&A to learn more about her event and how you can start your own too! 

What do you think the biggest draw to your event is?

Rachel: It is a casual family event where everyone can come and hang out, watch football and fight Duchenne! We have a silent auction and raffle too. Hosting at local breweries also gets others who don’t know about Duchenne involved.

Danielle: Have a local restaurant or brewery in mind for the venue and not sure how to ask? I can send you a folder of information about PPMD to bring with you! It’s that easy!

Why did you choose to do this type of event?

Rachel: We chose this event because it’s easy and fun!

What is your favorite part about your event?

Rachel: Families come together to collect auction items, invite friends and family and fight together as a community.

How can you start your own?

Fill out PPMD’s “Host an Event” survey and I will be in contact with you shortly!

Have a question about Rachel’s event or about hosting your own event this year?

Contact me and I can help get you started!

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