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Celebrate 15 Years of Coach To Cure MD on September 24!

Celebrate 15 Years of Coach To Cure MD!

Mark your calendars, get in the game, and help us kick off the 15th year of Coach To Cure MD on Saturday, September 24, 2022!

In 2008, with the steadfast and generous support of Rachel Poysky, a Duchenne mom and PPMD’s Connect Coordinator, and her brother, Brad Todd, the American Football Coaches Association (AFCA) adopted PPMD’s Coach To Cure MD as a signature charity effort.

The AFCA was drawn to Coach To Cure MD because of the unique parallels between Duchenne, a disorder which robs young men of precious muscle strength, and college football, a game where young men are at the peak of their muscle strength.

Although Coach To Cure MD has grown into a program bigger than we could have dreamed, our mission has stayed the same:

  • Raise national awareness of Duchenne
  • Raise money to fund research for a cure

To date, Coach To Cure MD has raised over $2.1 million to support PPMD’s mission to end Duchenne. But our fight never ends. There are many research opportunities and promising therapies in development that need our help to accelerate.

On Saturday, September 24, AFCA coaches nationwide will once again roll up their sleeves and proudly get involved to promote the 15th season of Coach To Cure MD. But we still need YOU to join our team to help us accomplish our mission.

Will you help us celebrate our 15th anniversary so we can continue to tackle Duchenne?

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