April 13, 2022 /

Webinar: Twice Weekly Steroids & Exercise – Study Update and Preliminary Findings (April 2022)

On April 13, 2022, Dr. Tanja Taivassalo joined PPMD for a community webinar to present an update on the University of Florida’s Department of Defense funded clinical trial evaluating the potential of low-dose twice weekly steroids and exercise training as therapeutic strategies for individuals with Duchenne.

Dr. Taivassalo shared preliminary findings and an update on the study, which aims to determine whether use of the recommended daily dose of steroid taken only twice a week may be as effective with less side effects compared to daily dosing; and whether home-based, remotely supervised moderate intensity leg cycling and isometric strengthening may benefit muscle in boys aged 5 to 8 years old.

Posted on April 13, 2022

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