May 12, 2020 /

Arm Stretches in Wheelchair (Non-Ambulatory)

Non-Ambulatory Stretching: Arm Stretches in Wheelchair

In Duchenne, progressive weakness of the muscles of the arms and hands can lead to tightness in the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and finger joints. Regularly stretching these joints may assist with body positioning and comfort, and may help preserve to arm, wrist and hand function. This video demonstrates stretching techniques at each of these joints with a person living with Duchenne who is in their wheelchair.

Disclaimer: This is a video of stretching exercises for mobility in someone with Duchenne. Stretching should not be painful. DO NOT continue to do the stretch if it causes pain, you notice difficulty breathing, or discomfort. Each stretch/position should be held for 30 seconds and can be repeated up to 3 times.

Benefits of these exercises vary: they may help to keep the joint mobile within its available range, may increase your tolerance to stretch, may improve circulation to the muscle, may decrease discomfort, and may give a feeling of well-being.

Consult your Physical Therapist to ask if these are appropriate for you.

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