Diagnostic Testing


Decode Duchenne provides free genetic testing to individuals who:

  1. Have a confirmed or suspected diagnosis of Duchenne or Becker muscular dystrophy; and
  2. Are citizens or legal residents of the United States or Canada.


Please note: An application is not needed for diagnostic testing. Click the link below to go directly to the Revvity Omics website and order your patient’s test. You can also download the Decode Duchenne test requisition form.

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Get started by downloading this flyer to take to your local healthcare provider so they can coordinate genetic testing for you or your family member.

Learn more by reading the Frequently Asked Questions for Patients.


All testing is performed at our designated laboratory, Revvity Omics.

  • Genetic Testing: Testing provides detection of deletions, duplications, and smaller point mutations in the DMD gene via next generation sequencing (NGS). The program can also provide targeted testing for individuals with a positive family history, and repeat testing for individuals tested with older molecular technologies. The Decode Duchenne genetic counselors can help determine which tests are needed.
  • Serum Creatine Kinase: Serum CK kinase testing can also be ordered through the Decode Duchenne program. For information on CK testing and its’ benefits, click here.
  • Comprehensive Neuromuscular Disorders Panel: A next generation sequencing (NGS) panel of 133 genes associated with neuromuscular disorders. This is offered as a follow-up to negative comprehensive DMD testing through the Decode program.
  • RNA Sequencing: If a patient has undergone genetic testing and a causative genetic variant has not been identified, they may qualify for RNA sequencing. This testing is currently offered on a research basis, and requires a muscle biopsy sample. Please note, RNA sequencing is currently on hold. Please email decode@parentprojectmd.org for more information.


  • Sample shipping: Specimen collection kits (saliva, blood, or dried blood spot cards) with free return shipping are available
  • Genetic counseling: Decode Duchenne genetic counselors are available to answer questions about genetic testing for Duchenne, regardless of whether or not the participant or provider has used the Decode Duchenne program. Common topics that the Decode Duchenne genetic counselors discuss include:
    • Testing for other family members
    • Interpreting test results, including determining if a person’s genetic variant would be amenable to variant-specific therapies
    • Reviewing the inheritance of Duchenne and risks of recurrence in a family, as well as testing options for future pregnancies
    • Identifying educational and community support resources


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Decode Duchenne is administered by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy and The Duchenne Registry. Decode Duchenne is presented by Sarepta Therapeutics, Founding Partner; and supported by NS Pharma. Click here to review PPMD’s policy on corporate support.

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