June 26, 2018 / Community

2018 #PPMDConference Live Stream: Care & Advocacy Updates You Won’t Want to Miss!

With PPMD’s Annual Conference quickly approaching, we wanted to make sure you are aware of the incredible care and advocacy content that will be covered while we are in Arizona this week!


It’s at the heart of everything Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy does. We strive to ensure that people living with Duchenne are living longer, stronger lives, by helping you access expert healthcare providers (including our Certified Duchenne Care Centers), a comprehensive team of sub-specialists, and cutting edge treatments. Whether you are attending the Conference in person, or watching our live stream from home, PPMD will once again bring you the latest updates in care so that you know what questions to ask your clinician, the next time you or your child has an appointment.

*Note: We will be unable to stream the care breakout sessions on Saturday afternoon, but we will provide downloadable PDFs of the information shared in early July.


Your voice has never been more critical in the fight to end Duchenne. Join us at this year’s Conference to hear updates about our ongoing advocacy agenda. Your will hear about how our community is continuing to lead and advance Patient Focused Drug Development (PFDD) – and how you can get involved in the process. We will provide updates about our current legislation and policy initiatives including regulatory engagement and access. Participants will receive tools and resources needed to advance efforts that will help ensure Duchenne is a priority across all government agencies. Updates from our recent patient preference studies – including data about patient and caregiver decision making preferences for gene therapy clinical trials and a preview of our upcoming global preference study will be presented.

Join the 2018 #PPMDConference Live Stream!

Each year, PPMD is proud to offer live streaming of our general sessions, free of charge. This year, not only will be offering live streaming of even more sessions than ever before, but you will be able to contribute to the conversation with our live polling capability. During sessions on Friday and Saturday, questions will be posed to the community (both those attending in person and watching the live stream) and your responses will be calculated and shared in real time. Just because you are unable to attend, doesn’t mean you can’t still share your thoughts on important topics that could potentially inform research and care moving forward.

Check out the agenda and mark your calendar for the sessions that most interest you on Thursday afternoon, all day Friday, or all day Saturday. Then join us for the live streaming and polling of these important general sessions, including care and advocacy updates. And if you are unable to watch the live stream, PPMD will be sharing presentations for most sessions in early July when we post our Annual Conference recap.

We know not everyone can attend the Conference in person but we hope you will take advantage of our free streaming so that you can join these important conversations!

Thank you for joining the fight. Because of you, we WILL end Duchenne.

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