December 28, 2018 / Community

We’re fighting to save the heart — join us

The Friar family is made up of fighters. We’re very nice people, don’t get me wrong! But when faced with adversity or challenges, we fight back. As a family. When our oldest son Kevin was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy 15 years ago, the wind was knocked out of all of us. Our younger son Kyle’s diagnosis soon followed. We picked each other up — Mike, Kevin, Kyle, our daughter Colleen, and I — realizing we’re all in this together. We found our tribe, we found PPMD. A community who got us, who gets us. And we realized that we are not in this fight alone.

Kevin passed away on April 2, 2018. It’s a sentence nearly impossible for me to write. But since his passing, we have been lifted up constantly by you all, with your outpouring of love and support. The fight continues, for Kyle and in memory of Kevin. PPMD is fighting for our kids. PPMD is fighting for our families. Your donation today will help fund PPMD’s fight to save the heart. Join the fight.

Kevin touched us all in so many ways. We loved his quick wit and ability to make us all laugh. He did not lose his fight against Duchenne, he showed us how to live with it. His brother Kyle lives his life just as passionately, but with his own sense of humor, style, and personality. Colleen amazes us with her compassion, poise, and fighting spirit. These three incredible humans drive everything Mike and I do. These three are our heart. The battle to find a cure continues. We must end Duchenne and saving the heart is key.

We know that the heart is a muscle. We know that the heart is the center of the body’s universe. PPMD wants to ensure that the heart can sustain all of the great progress being made in research. Help support PPMD’s expanding Cardiac Initiative by donating today — your gift will be doubled until we reach our goal of $550,000.

If you’re reading this note, your life has been touched by Duchenne, in one way or another. Join us in the fight to end Duchenne on behalf of Kevin, Kyle, and all the incredible people we are blessed to have in our lives — we owe them that.

Join us in supporting PPMD and the expansion of their Cardiac Initiative. Give today. Double your gift.

Thank you for supporting PPMD and from my family to yours, Happy New Year!

DeAnne Friar
PPMD Parent & Connect Coordinator (Michigan)

P.S. PPMD is funding the fight to end Duchenne. Help them support cardiac research critical to every person living with Duchenne. Donate to PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative today and your gift will be doubled until we reach our goal of $550,000.


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