November 30, 2018 / Community,Research

Support heart health–all gifts matched!

For the last two years, you have helped support PPMD’s Gene Therapy Initiative and because of your support, we are seeing real results, real potential, real hope. But with all the progress we have made and continue to make in Duchenne research, the heart is still failing.

As we fight to end Duchenne, we have to continue to attack it from every angle. And, the heart is at the center of our battle. Will you help? Make your donation today and your gift will be doubled!

Several years ago, PPMD launched our Cardiac Initiative – a program that, to date, has invested $5 million into research that specifically addresses heart issues in people with Duchenne. In order to continue leading the fight, we are raising an additional $550,000 to further explore and invest in the latest cardiac research and care initiatives in the New Year.

Thanks to the generosity of a family in our community with a teenage son living with Duchenne, a family focused on their son’s heart health, the first $275,000 in donations made will be matched! This family believes in PPMD’s mission and understands how critical our innovative cardiac research portfolio is – but we need you. Donate today and your gift will be doubled getting us closer to our goal of $550,000!

This holiday season, we have set our fundraising goal higher than ever before, because this project is more critical than ever before. This holiday, with your help, we hope to raise $550,000 to advance critical cardiac-focused research projects. The heart is a muscle too and in a disease like Duchenne, that slowly and consistently damages cardiac tissue over time, we cannot truly end Duchenne until we figure out a way to save the heart in the process.

Since we launched our Cardiac Initiative, PPMD has been exploring the significance of heart health the way we approach any project we undertake – relentlessly. It is one thing to have promising treatments like micro-dystrophin gene therapy, but will an already fragile heart be able to sustain the added exertion resulting from successful gene therapy? Cardiac issues in Duchenne are well documented in the recently published Care Considerations. But why are we still losing children and young adults to cardiomyopathy and other heart-related issues? We know that nearly 70 percent of all Duchenne mothers are carriers. What affect does this have on their own cardiac system?

Working hand in hand with our thriving research portfolio – a portfolio that includes multi-million dollar investments in therapeutic possibilities like gene therapy and exon skipping – expanding PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative will ensure that we are continuing to attack Duchenne from every angle. Your donation today will help us get to the heart of the matter, the hearts of our community.

Donate to PPMD’s ongoing Cardiac Initiative today. Be the heart of this holiday season.

Thank you for joining the fight to end Duchenne!



P.S. With so much momentum in potential treatments for Duchenne, now is the time to expand PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative so we can be certain the heart is up for the battle. Every dollar you give makes further exploration and expansion possible and brings us closer to fulfilling our mission. Have your donation doubled today to advance this critical cardiac research.

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