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PPMD’s Physical Therapy Resources

Included in the video series are recommendations for stretching routines and safe, favorable mobility device positions for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory people living with Duchenne.

PPMD’s Physical Therapy Resources

Physical Therapy (PT) is an important area of care for every person living with Duchenne at every age. Whether you or your child practices PT with a community therapist, school-based therapist, or at home, PPMD wants to make sure you are aware of the resources we have available outlining Duchenne physical therapy guidelines.

Range of Motion Guide:

Working to prevent contractures proactively (before they occur) is always best. Contractures are not always preventable. If they do occur, there are ways to manage contractures and maximize the function of the joint. PPMD worked with a team of expert Physical Therapists (PTs) to develop an easy-to-follow Range of Motion handout (download) for parents and physical therapists.

PT Stretching Video Series:

We recommend stretching should be a part of your daily routine and should be guided by your physical therapist. PPMD worked with Claudia Senesac, PT, PhD, PCS to develop a series of stretching and positioning videos for both ambulatory and non-ambulatory individuals living with Duchenne. Visit our PT video series page to view this collection of videos.

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Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes (PT Pearls of Care)

In addition to daily stretching and night-time bracing, there are a number of smaller items you should remember to incorporate into your daily routine to help preserve flexibility, strength, and function of your skeletal muscles. PPMD created a short video to remind you and your child about all of the “pearls” of care for your muscles and joints.


Not everything in the Range of Motion handout (download) or Physical Therapy videos will apply to every person living with Duchenne. Individualized plans are best carried out by an experienced physical therapist who is familiar with your loved one. Consider what will work with your daily schedule and prioritize based on your child’s needs and your physical therapist’s recommendations.

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