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Play video games hands free. Using eye tracking technology, this equipment follows your gaze to play games. Tobii can be used in many different ways...

Easy on/off. Push button switches allow you to use a fist or your forehead to turn on a light. WATCH HACK IN ACTION:

  • Submitted by: Cal Quitzau

Eye-operated communication and access. Generate speech by typing a message, browse the internet comfortably, integrate with your email, use for calling and texting. Control entertainment...

  • Submitted by: DJ Kimble

Attach gaming equipment to Hoyer lift. Rubber bands are a great way to strap your switch to your Hoyer lift bar. Now you can play...

  • Submitted by: Cal Quitzau

Prevent bed sores.  Alternating pressure mattress will prevent bed sores, has harder and softer options, and can shift your weight from side to side.

Install smart switches in fans and lights. Control your fan or light with Alexa or Google Home by using smart switches.  The smart switch featured...

Move your computer easier around your chair. Try an adjustable table for computer and microphone stand, such as a hospital table. It moves anywhere and...

Ease when signing your name. Use a stamp to add your signature to documents and letters.

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

For quick fixes and opening items. Keep a utility knife or a pair of scissors nearby. This can be helpful to open items like a...

  • Submitted by: Michael Voto

Use chopsticks! Use chopsticks to press buttons while playing video games.

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