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Long straw with water bottle. You can adjust this straw while keeping your water bottle attached to your chair. Learn More: Fleximug - Live Flexibly™...

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

To adjust height and stability of your arms. Arm support you can mount to your desk to hold the arm while using a keyboard and...

  • Submitted by: Jake Wesley

Great urinal for road trips and independent usage. The tube easily goes into the toilet for independent usage. You can cut off a section of...

  • Submitted by: Chris Younkin

Allows for independent eating. Obi is a robotic machine that allows diners to eat at their own pace. Learn More: Obi Eating Device Image Courtesy...

Easy on/off. Push button switches allow you to use a fist or your forehead to turn on a light. WATCH HACK IN ACTION:

  • Submitted by: Cal Quitzau

Attach gaming equipment to Hoyer lift. Rubber bands are a great way to strap your switch to your Hoyer lift bar. Now you can play...

  • Submitted by: Cal Quitzau

Useful when you need to call for help. Keep a baby monitor nearby your bed to ask for help in the middle of the night.

  • Submitted by: Cal Quitzau

Pull items out of cabinets easier. Place items like snacks in a plastic storage bin on cabinet shelves allowing for the bin to be pulled...

  • Submitted by: Steven Teal

Keep important documents together. Having an ICE (in case of emergency) list in electronic form or paper is very helpful. It can include items like...

  • Submitted by: Patrick Moeschen

Waterbed's can be helpful with easy turning. A waterbed allows for easy turning and can mold to your body. This can be good depending on...

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