December 18, 2018 / Care,Community,Research

Keep hearts strong — all gifts doubled!

If you’re part of the Duchenne community, you have likely seen parents share updates from their child’s cardiac appointment. The anxiety of these appointments can be incredible — stability at a doctor’s appointment when you have Duchenne is the best news you can hope for. No parent should have to worry about their child’s heart failing. But in Duchenne, that’s our reality. This holiday season, help support PPMD’s ambitious cardiac research efforts and our goal of $550,000 to expand this initiative in 2019. Donate today — the first $275,000 received will be doubled!

Ending Duchenne will take a combination of therapies and it will also take a combination of approaches. In order to know if research options are viable, we need consistent medical interventions throughout the community, and we need to address all systems of the body affected by the disease. The heart is the center, the body’s hub. A healthy heart could mean a longer, healthier life. Help us continue to insist that all people with Duchenne receive standardized, thorough cardiac care. Your donation to support PPMD’s cardiac research will help us continue to address heart health in Duchenne.

For more than 20 years, I have been caring for Duchenne families — both as a nurse practitioner and now leading PPMD’s extensive care agenda. We know that for many of you, PPMD is often that voice of calm guidance in the midst of crisis. And, nothing is scarier than learning that your child’s heart is failing. PPMD is continually updating our resources so that you have the information and resources that you need in a moment’s notice.

But it’s not just those emergency situations. PPMD is the only organization investing in understanding the cardiac issues that affect carrier females in our community. This research will not only help us better understand the progression of the disease and the genetic makeup of Duchenne, but it will help carriers maintain healthy lifestyles and their own heart health.

Because every person living with Duchenne will experience cardiac issues, expanding and advancing our Cardiac Initiative is not tied to one segment of our community. We believe that, with your help, we can improve the heart across the broad spectrum of Duchenne, from young to old, no matter the mutation. Please consider a donation to PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative today. All donations will be doubled until we reach our goal of $550,000.

When our child hurts, we hurt. Their heartache is our heartache. In Duchenne, healing a hurting heart isn’t solved with a hug and comforting words. In Duchenne, the hearts of our loved ones face progressive damage. With the same urgency that we pursue all other therapeutic options, we need to ensure that these hearts will be healthy enough to sustain these potential therapies.

Donate today to help PPMD continue to fund the research and care that will help us save hearts.

And remember, when you need us, your PPMD family is here for you!

Happy holidays,

Kathi Kinnett, MSN, CNP
PPMD’s SVP of Clinical Care

P.S. Help us get to the heart of the matter. Help fund the fight to end Duchenne. Donate to PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative today and your gift will be doubled until we reach our most ambitious goal yet — $550,000.


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