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Introducing PPMD’s Genetic Counselor Office Hours!

Introducing PPMD’s Genetic Counselor Office Hours!

We are making it easier than ever before to connect with the genetic counselors at PPMD’s Duchenne Registry. The genetic counselors at The Duchenne Registry are board-certified and have extensive experience working with Duchenne and Becker families.

Just click the Calendly link and select a time slot that is convenient for you. Enter your phone number, and one of our genetic counselors will call you on the specified date and time. It’s that simple!

PPMD genetic counselors can help you with:

  • Joining The Duchenne Registry and getting the new Registry app on your smartphone
  • Reviewing your or your child’s genetic test report and helping you understand the results
  • Coordinating FREE genetic testing (including carrier testing) with your local healthcare provider through our Decode Duchenne program
  • Determining who else in your family could be a carrier of the Duchenne or Becker gene variant and who should be tested
  • Discussing options for future pregnancies including what prenatal or preconception genetic testing is available
  • Reviewing research studies and clinical trials that may be a good fit for you or your child
Click here to pick a time that works for you!

If none of the available times work for you, or if you have an urgent question, please reach out to the PPMD genetic counselors at 888-520-8675 or coordinator@duchenneregistry.org. We are available Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm EST.

Take advantage of this great resource and schedule an appointment today!



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