March 26, 2020 / Community


All of us are more than a little panicked about COVID-19. This is such an uncertain time and these frightening feelings can be contagious as well. But so are feelings of kindness, positivity, gratitude, and love.

So that is what we are going to concentrate on…

Gratitude. Gratitude for our healthcare providers on the front lines every day, all day. We depend on them, trust them and lean on them for advice, guidance, assurances, care and yes, love.

Time demands and high-stakes situations, such as COVID-19, mean that our healthcare professionals are running all day. While we are all worried, frightened, even angry that this virus has interfered with care, clinical studies, and life as we knew it, please take a moment to appreciate the gifts we are given: the doctors, nurses, clinical coordinators – all of those people that wrap their arms around our family, provide the best care, help us navigate clinical trials, and work nonstop to accelerate the delivery of therapies.

The technical, emotional, and time demands of their work during this time is exhausting for them. Send your care providers a note of gratitude (without any sort of ask), wishing them positive energy, safety, a prayer – whatever you prefer. Let’s all take a moment to thank the helpers.

Gratitude is a positive cycle. If we pay it forward and it will come back to us in many ways – over and over and over again.

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