November 4, 2021 / Community

Genetic Counselor Awareness Day: Celebrating PPMD’s Certified Genetic Counselors

Today, on Genetic Counselor Awareness Day, we celebrate PPMD’s Certified Genetic Counselors, Ann Martin and Niki Armstrong – two incredibly supportive and essential assets to the Duchenne community.

Ann and Niki are invaluable members of the PPMD team. They not only seamlessly direct and curate the Duchenne Registry, and manage the Decode Duchenne genetic testing program and the Duchenne Newborn Screening Program – these ladies kindly and thoughtfully counsel families, answer questions, and provide clinical trial information to all who inquire. Often the first point of contact for newly diagnosed families, Ann and Niki provide comfort, reassurance and support during stressful times for parents trying to navigate the early days of diagnosis.

Genetic counselors empower patients and their families with information, guidance and emotional support to help them understand their family history, evaluate genetic testing options, and make informed choices based on test results.  Ann and Niki’s specialized graduate degrees and experience in medical genetics and counseling make them experts at interpreting and explaining complex Duchenne and Becker genetic information, while providing emotional support.

Genetic counselors are important members of the healthcare team, collaborating with a patient’s primary care physician and other physician specialists and we are especially grateful to have Ann and Niki as part of the PPMD family and the Duchenne community. 

While we know there are more than 5,000 certified genetic counselors working in the U.S. today, we are thrilled to celebrate two of the very best of the best, Ann Martin and Niki Armstrong.

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