December 1, 2023 / Care,Community

Empowering Carriers of Duchenne: New Carrier Publications Resource

Being a carrier of Duchenne can feel isolating and misunderstood, especially for those who manifest symptoms. Earlier this year, PPMD began holding monthly support meetings for manifesting carriers to talk through their experiences, raise awareness, and eliminate barriers to care. 

In line with this commitment, PPMD is excited to share our NEW Carrier Publications Resource. Please use this resource to access up to date and pertinent publications that can be shared with your physician to help support care, manage symptoms, and assist with insurance coverage. 

If you are interested in learning more about these monthly support meetings, please contact us. If you would like individualized support, please schedule a PPMD For You one-to-one meeting with our care team and/or genetic counselors. Together we are stronger.

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