Viltolarsen (NS-065/NCNP-01)

Viltolarsen (NS-065/NCNP-01)


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Therapeutic Approach

Restoring or Replacing Dystrophin

One of the most common types of mutations in the dystrophin gene occurs when a piece of the code in the middle of the gene is missing or deleted. By skipping additional segments of the dystrophin code called exons, the deletion can shift from an out-of-frame deletion to an in-frame deletion. Typically an in-frame deletion results in a smaller, but still functional, dystrophin protein. This shortened protein is expected to act in a similar way to normal dystrophin, and so relieve some symptoms of Duchenne and hopefully result in a more mild Becker-like presentation. NS-065/NCNP-01 is designed to skip exon 53 in the dystrophin gene.


A Phase 3 study is actively recruiting. A Phase 2 study completed enrollment and dosing at clinical sites in North America (United States and Canada). All participants elected to enroll into an extension study. All participants continue to be dosed.

On February 10, 2020, NS Pharma announced that the FDA has filed a New Drug Application (NDA) for their antisense oligonucleotide drug NS-065/NCNP-01 (viltolarsen).

March 23, 2020: NS Pharma, Inc. shared an update with the community responding to questions about how COVID-19 may be affecting ongoing studies of viltolarsen, the recently launched Expanded Access Program (EAP) and review of the viltolarsen New Drug Application (NDA) by the FDA.


This program is sponsored by NS Pharma, Inc.

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Study to Assess the Efficacy and Safety of Viltolarsen in Ambulant Boys With DMD (RACER53)
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Media Library

NOV 2019

Webinar: NS Pharma Provides Viltolarsen Update

On November 20, 2019, NS Pharma joined Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy for a webinar to provide the community with an overview of its investigational drug, viltolarsen (NS-065/NCNP-01), including its mechanism of action and regulatory status. NS Pharma also provided an update on the viltolarsen clinical program, including the completed Phase 1, Phase 1/2, and Phase 2 studies, as well as an update on the viltolarsen Phase 3 trial (RACER53), including anticipated countries where study will be conducted, study design, description of the endpoints, and inclusion/exclusion criteria.
* This webinar recording contains edits to content requested by the company.
JUNE 2019

NS Pharma Presents at the PPMD 2019 Annual Conference

JUNE 2018

NS Pharma Presents at the PPMD 2018 Annual Conference

APRIL 2018

Webinar: NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program Update

NS Pharma joined PPMD for a webinar on April 18, 2018 to provide an update on NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program. Dr. Paula Clemens and Lauren Morgenroth provided the most recent updates for the trial that is ongoing in the US.
FEB 2017

Webinar: NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program - Trial Recruitment & Update

PPMD and NS Pharma hosted a webinar on February 22, 2017 to provide an update on trial recruitment for NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program.
NOV 2016

Webinar: NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program

On November 16, 2016, Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy and NS Pharma (US subsidiary of Nippon Shinyaku, Co.,Ltd) hosted a webinar to discuss NS Pharma's Exon 53 Skipping Program.

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