Connecting with NE Families

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Accessibility and Recreation

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Advocacy Agencies

Department of Education

  • Special Populations Office
    Nebraska Department of Education
    Gary M. Sherman, Administrator
    301 Centennial Mall South
    P. O. Box 94987
    Lincoln Nebraska 68509
    Contact information

Early Intervention Services (Infant and toddler)

  • Nebraska Early Development Network
    Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services
    P.O. Box 94987
    Lincoln, NE 68509-4987
    Contact information

Early Intervention Services (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Special Populations Office, Department of Education
    Jan Thelen, 619 Coordinator
    301 Centennial Mall South
    P.O. Box 94987
    Lincoln, NE 68509
    (402) 471-4319
    402-471-0117 FAX
    Contact information

PTI (Parent Training and Information Centers)

  • PTI Nebraska
    3135 North 93rd Street
    Omaha, NE 68134
    402-346-0525 Voice & TDD
    402-934-1479 FAX
    Contact information

Health & Well-Being

  • Katie Beckett Home and Community Services Program
    This Home and Community Based Services program provides services to children under age 18 who meet Nursing Facility Level of Care criteria, depend of a ventilator or tracheotomy or have expensive and complex medical needs.   Financial eligibility is based on the child’s income with family income “waived” or not considered.  Services include nursing care, hospitalizations, medicines, medical supplies and equipment and physician fees.
  • Disabled Children’s Children’s Program (DCP)
    The DCP provides non-medical services to children with disabilities under age 16 who receive Social Security Supplemental Income.  Services include respite care, mileage, meals and lodging when traveling with the child for medical appointments and equipment and home modifications needed for accessibility.
    DCP information
  • Medically Handicapped Children’s Program (MHCP)
    The MHCP provides specialized medical services to financially eligible children with disabilities or ongoing health care needs.  Services include diagnostic and treatment services, financial assistance with high cost of medical care and assistance with accessing additional community resources.
    MHCP information
  • Aged and Disabled Waiver (AD)
    This Home and Community Based Services program provides services to financially eligible individuals with disabilities that meet Nursing Facility Level of Care criteria allowing them to remain at home and in the community.  Services include services coordination (case management), respite care, special equipment and home modifications for accessibility and in-home assistance.
    AD Waiver information
  • Health Insurance Premium Payment Program (HIPP)
    The Health Insurance Premium Payment Program reimburses private health insurance premiums for individuals eligible for Medicaid when financially appropriate.
    Program information
  • Hunter’s Hope
    Hunter’s Hope exists to reduce the stressors for local families affected by Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy and DEGS 1 Leukodystrophy by eliminating barriers to accessible resources, funding research to find effective treatments and improving community understanding of these rare diseases.
    Hunter’s Hope Heroes

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