Connecting with ID Families

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Accessibility & Recreation

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Advocacy Agencies

  • Yellow Pages for Kids -Idaho Resources
    Provides extensive resources to learn about and navigate special education, including state listings of Parent Training and Information Centers.


Department of Education

  • Idaho Department of Education
    Dr. Charlie Silva, Director
    650 West State Street
    P. O. Box 83720; Boise, ID 83720-0027
    800-432-4601 TTY
    208-334-2228 FAX


Early Intervention Services (Infant and toddler)

  • Infant Toddler Program
    Bureau of Developmental Disabilities
    Department of Health and Welfare
    P.O. Box 83720
    450 West State Street, 5th Floor
    Boise, ID 83720-0036
    208-334-6664 FAX
    Contact Information


Early Intervention Services (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Bureau of Special Education
    Idaho Department of Education
    P.O. Box 83720
    Boise, ID 83720-0027
    208-334-4664 FAX


PTI (Parent Training and Information Centers)


Health & Well-Being

  • Idaho Health Plan for Children
    This Children’s Health Insurance Program provides health coverage for eligible children under age 19 based on family size and income.  Children enrolled in private plans are not eligible.  Some families may have a small monthly premium for each child enrolled based on family income.
    Health Plan for Children information
  • Medicaid for Individuals with Disabilities
    This program is part of Medicaid services and is available to individuals and families with special circumstances, including those who are blind or disabled according to Social Security Administration criteria.
    Medicaid for Elderly or Adults with Disabilities
    Add Medicaid for Children with Disabilities
  • Katie Beckett program
    Children with long-term disabilities or complex medical needs, living at home with their families, may be eligible for Medicaid services even if their family income is above Medicaid federal poverty guidelines.


Financial Support

  • Wheel to Walk Foundation
    The Wheel to Walk Foundation is a non-profit organization that helps children with disabilities, 20 years and younger, obtain medical equipment or services not provided by insurance.


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