August 21, 2023 / Care

Safe & Unsafe Medications in Duchenne

PPMD’s Safe & Unsafe Medications Resource lists medications that are frequently used in the management of Duchenne, as well as both over-the-counter and prescription medications used for other conditions not specific to Duchenne that you may encounter. Included in this resource are cautions that should be observed that are specific to patients living with Duchenne.

Medications listed include:

  • Anesthesia/Pain Medications
  • Behavioral and Psychiatric Medications (ADD, Depression, Anxiety)
  • Other Commonly Prescribed Medications (Anticonvulsants, Antivirals)
  • Over the Counter Medications (Fever Reducers, Cough Medication)

We encourage you to use this resource both as a reference, but also a means to track you/your child’s medications.

Download PPMD’s Safe & Unsafe Medications Resource

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