November 13, 2019 / Care,Research

PPMD Certifies Motol University Hospital in the Czech Republic

PPMD is thrilled that Motol University Hospital will be the second Global Certified Duchenne Care Center.  Together with the Parent Project Czech Republic advocacy group, Jana Haberlova and the team at Motol University Hospital are doing an amazing job providing all of the elements of recommended care and are providing the best in resources and services to their Duchenne families.  Motol University Hospital joins our first global certification, Red Cross War Memorial Children’s in Cape Town, South Africa.

PPMD, along with the help of the World Duchenne Organization, are proud to include Motol University Hospital in our growing network of Global Certified Duchenne Care Centers.

Going Global

PPMD has always felt that every single family, no matter where they live, deserves the best in Duchenne care and services. PPMD’s Certified Duchenne Care Center (CDCC) program has actively identified 28 centers across the US and that number continues to grow, with exciting additions like the recognition of adult-focused care.

While we share education and resources with our global community, finding optimal, comprehensive care for families living around the world is incredibly important. Like we do here at home, we want to help families find the best Duchenne care for their children in their country. Using the Certified Duchenne Care Center Program, we have a vehicle that we can use to raise awareness of Standards of Care beyond the borders of the U.S., and to recognize those centers around the world that are providing that top level of care.

In addition, clinical trials are in need of participants, and, if care is standardized amongst these participants, the outcomes from that clinical trial are strengthened. By giving industry additional populations to draw from, we will be able to speed up trial recruitment, ensure participants are all receiving the same level of care, and reduce the time it takes to complete clinical trials.

Good care starts at home

PPMD continues to do everything we can to improve care in the U.S. With our leadership role on the Care Considerations steering committee, we are guiding the development and update of Duchenne Standards of Care. Through the Certified Duchenne Care Center Program, we are identifying and certifying centers capable of providing care in agreement with those standards, then monitoring those centers to make sure that the care and services continue to be the very best.  Through webinars, online resources, and regular End Duchenne Tour stops, we are doing everything we can to bring information to families around our country.

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