February 2, 2018 / DIY Fundraising

#KOMD fights to End Duchenne

The Curran family received their son’s diagnosis on April 21, 2015. They were at a loss and felt alone and overwhelmed, but luckily they have the greatest support system they could have ever asked for. After attending their first PPMD conference, they knew they had to fight Duchenne.

First, they created a donation page to share with their close friends and family.

“This diagnosis shattered our world and brought us to our knees. Then we were truly blessed by our community’s kindness! They have lifted us up, encouraged us and supported our every effort to save our son.”

Through their Kindness Over Muscular Dystrophy (#KOMD) page, the Curran family has raised over $400,000 to help us end Duchenne.

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