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Coach To Cure MD Is This Weekend!

In honor of Coach To Cure MD, presented by Werner Ladder, on Saturday, September 28, we need YOU to join our team to help us #TackleDuchenne! Making forward progress is easy — just take a photo in your favorite jersey today and create a fundraising page for Coach To Cure MD week!

With over 400 schools participating, we couldn’t be more grateful to have you on our team! View the full listing of televised games sporting our patches.

Share Your Story as part of Coach To Cure MD

Randall Huber, grandfather of Cash, attended his first PPMD event, an End Duchenne Tour in Wilmington, Delaware, and was inspired to set up a Coach To Cure MD fundraising page immediately. He says, “I was on Facebook on my phone and I came upon a PPMD posting. It told me how I could start my own donation page. I followed the instructions, posted my page for Team Cash and was totally amazed, thrilled and grateful to see so many of my family and friends were joining Team Cash’s battle to end Duchenne.”

Within 48 hours of sharing his page to Facebook, his social network raised $4,500. After one week, over $8,500 has been raised for PPMD! With two clicks of a button, he was able to share his page that went viral.

After asking how easy it was, Randall says, “If you have a Facebook page, just do it… You’ll be amazed at how easy it is. Simply follow the steps, post, and watch the donations come in. It is thrilling, heart-warming and fills you with such gratitude to know that so many people love your child, your family and choose to join your child’s team to battle Duchenne.”

It’s just that easy! Create your fundraising page now and help us #TackleDuchenne this weekend!

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