Accessibility & Recreation

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Advocacy Agencies

  • Indiana Disability Rights
    Thomas Gallagher, Executive Director
    4701 N. Keystone Avenue
    Indianapolis, IN 46205
    800-838-1131 TTY


Department of Education

  • Indiana Department of Education
    Office of Special Education
    Room 229, State House
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798
    317-232-0589 FAX


Early Intervention Services (Infant and toddler)

  • Div. of Family & Children/Bur. of Child Development
    Dawn Downer, Part C Director
    Assistant Deputy Director
    402 West Washington Street, Room W-386
    Indianapolis, IN 46204
    317-232-7948 FAX
    Contact webpage


Early Intervention Services (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Division of Special Education
    State Department of Education
    Erin Kissling
    Early Learning Specialist
    State House, Room 229
    Indianapolis, IN 46204-2798
    317-232-0589 FAX


PTI (Parent Training and Information Centers)


Health & Well-Being

  • Hoosier Healthwise Children’s Health Insurance Program
    Program provides health insurance to children under age 18 and parent/caretakers of children under age 18 who meet income eligibility requirements based on family income and size.  Some families may pay monthly premiums or co-pays based on household income.
    Hoosier Healthwise information
  • Aged and Disabled (A&D) Home and Community Based Services Waiver
    Eligible people with disabilities who meet Nursing Facility Level of Care criteria are provided services allowing them to remain at home or in the community.  Services include attendant care, home and vehicle modifications for accessibility, specialized medical equipment and supplies and respite services.
    A&D Waiver information
  • Family Supports Waiver (FSW)
    Eligible individuals with a developmental disability, intellectual disability or autism may receive Home and Community Based Services as an alternative to placement in an institutional care facility.  Eligibility is based on meeting intermediate care facility individuals with developmental disabilities(ICF/IID) criteria due to substantial functional limitations, including the inability to perform activities of daily living (ADL).  The participant, with the Team selects services, identifies service providers of their choice and develops a plan of care and is subject to an annual waiver services cap of $16,545.
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