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PPMD’s Back-To-School Resources

PPMD’s Back-To-School Resources

As summer comes to an end, PPMD is here to guide you through planning for a safe and successful school year. We have a collection of classroom resources on our website and in-print materials available upon request to make this transition as smooth as possible.


PPMD’s Educations Matters for Parents and Teachers

PPMD Created Education Matters Guides with the goal of optimizing the experience of learning for children, teens, and adults living with Duchenne. These comprehensive guides cover everything from the basics of Duchenne and its progression to specific classroom accommodations organized by age group. To secure a copy, you can download the guide from our website or order a printed guide to be shipped directly to you.

Emergency Information Cards

PPMD offers an emergency information card that is larger in size, weatherproof, and includes a chain for easy attachment to backpacks, scooters, strollers, wheelchairs, and other mobility devices. These are a great option to ensure your child has this information on them at all times in case of a medical emergency. Emergency information cards can be ordered here.

Classroom Activities for Understanding Duchenne

PPMD has several resources to assist classmates in learning about Duchenne. Parents or teachers can download this packet with age-appropriate classroom exercises. We also have developed age-appropriate videos that can be shown to students to help them better understand what Duchenne is, and how it may affect the way they play and interact with their peers.

PPMD’s 2020 Back-To-School Webinar Series

Last year, PPMD hosted a series of webinar discussions around preparing for school and how the pandemic impacts safety, IEP/504 plans, school-based therapy and more. Although we have made much progress this year, some of these themes are still relevant for the 2021 school year. You can view this webinar series here.

NEW! PPMD’s Duchenne Educators Masterclass

PPMD is working to create the Duchenne Educators Masterclass to educate and empower teachers, school-based therapists, counselors, aides and administrators to better understand and educate their students with Duchenne. We have also created PPMD pencil cases with Duchenne Educators Masterclass information cards that can be shared with teachers and can be ordered here. *The masterclass will officially launch at the end of this month, so please keep a lookout for this announcement.

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