Meet the Team

Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy’s staff is a dedicated group of passionate people that continually work to assist families in the community. They are available to help round the clock and are deeply committed to fight to end Duchenne.

Find contact information for PPMD’s team members below, or contact us by phone at 800-714-5437.

Pat Furlong

President & CEO

Kaylan Moitoso

Chief Business Officer

Jodi Wolff, PhD

Chief Program Officer

Katherine Anderson, ScM, CGC

Community Research Manager, Data Initiatives & Advocacy

Kayla Banks, MS, CGC

Manager, Community Research and Genetic Services

Lauren Bogue, MS, CGC

Curator, The Duchenne Registry

Eric Camino, PhD

Vice President, Research & Clinical Innovation

Jennifer Capobianco

Grants Management Coordinator

Ally Cripe

Development Coordinator

Brian Denger

Community Engagement Coordinator

Erin Dresnick

Senior Director, Development

Megan Freed, MPH

Director, Data and Technology Strategy

Jody Gabbard

Senior Administrative Coordinator

Kimberly Galberaith

Creative Director

Alexis Hazlett, RN, MSN, CPN

Associate Vice President, Clinical Care

Nicole Herring

Vice President, Development & Community Engagement

Maria Iacullo

Finance Administrator

Stephanie Ivanov

Vice President, Communications & Marketing

Natalie LaRocca

Development Associate

Ann Martin, MS, CGC

Vice President, Community Research & Genetic Services

Kerri McLaughlin

Finance Manager

Patrick Moeschen

Advisor, PPMD Adult Advisory Committee

Mena Scavina, DO

Advisor, Certified Duchenne Care Center Program

Rachel Schrader, MS, APRN, CPNP-PC

Vice President, Clinical Care & Education

Lauren Stanford

Senior Director, Advocacy

Ellen Wagner

Community Centricity Manager

Amanda Wilkison, RN, BSN

Manager, Clinical Care and Education

Emily Zavrel

Communications Specialist