April 27, 2023 / Care,Research

PPMD Joins Duchenne Parent Project aps Endocrine & Osteoporosis International Professional Care Meeting

How do we prevent the first fracture?
How does weight & puberty affect bone health?
How do we understand and implement new therapies? 

All of these questions and more will be covered this week as PPMD joined Duchenne Parent Project aps with 40 clinicians from around the world to discuss Duchenne Endocrine and Osteoporosis Care in an Ever Changing Landscape. As new therapies arise in the Duchenne pipeline, it is critical that we understand the impact on each of the body’s systems, including the endocrine system and bone health. 

This two-day meeting is chaired by Pat Furlong (PPMD), Filippo Buccella (DPP aps) and Leanne Ward (Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario) and will focus on emerging topics of interest to patients, researchers, and care communities including:

  • Current and Novel Duchenne therapies 
  • Harmonization of endocrine and bone health data
  • Dissociated steroids and standard glucocorticoid therapy
  • Prevention and Predictors of Fractures 
  • Puberty, growth, weight management and adrenal suppression
  • Strategies for early management around the world

We look forward to an engaging meeting and are thankful to the clinicians for their collaborative efforts to move the dial forward and improve care and treatment for Duchenne.

Be sure to join us at PPMD’s 2023 Annual Conference, June 29-July 1 in Dallas, Texas (or virtually!) as Dr. Ward and others will report on the learnings from this meeting

WATCH: Endocrine Issues in Duchenne

PPMD recently hosted a webinar led by expert endocrinologists Dr. Leanne Ward (University of Ottawa), Dr. Janet Crane (Johns Hopkins) and Nadia Merchant (Children’s National) to discuss bone health in Duchenne. The panelists discussed the impact steroids, muscle weakness, growth, and puberty all have on bone health, and how individuals with Duchenne can optimize their bones and prevent fractures.

In case you missed it, you can find the recording below:

Please send any additional questions to careteam@parentprojectmd.org or schedule an one-on-one meeting through PPMD For You.

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