December 27, 2022 / Community

Double Your Gift Today.

Being a twin brings with it a unique closeness that few are lucky enough to experience. Having a sibling with Duchenne adds an additional layer to the relationship that is unique as well.

I love being Jack’s twin, and we share a special bond. We have always been best friends and when the time came to apply for college, we decided to go together. I made the choice to take on the role of his caregiver as well. We both are having a great college experience, and we get to spend a ton of quality time together.

Seeing the effects of Duchenne manifest in the people we love is hard. I want to do everything I can to make sure Jack stays healthy for as long as possible. That is why I am asking you to support PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative and commitment to ACTION. From now through midnight on December 31st, your gift will be DOUBLED thanks to the generosity of several families in our community.

The Advanced Cardiac Therapies Improving Outcomes Network (ACTION) is a learning health system focused on children and adult heart disease patients at risk of heart dysfunction or with heart failure.

Your generosity will fund ACTION’s goal to optimize care and improve outcomes for those living with Duchenne-related cardiomyopathy, while also supporting ACTION’s critical efforts to create the largest multicenter database on Duchenne cardiac care practices and outcomes to date.

Help PPMD achieve their goal of $400,000 to support the Cardiac Initiative and commitment to ACTION. All gifts will be matched through midnight on December 31st.

Keeping Jack’s heart strong means that he feels healthier for longer, he can do more of the things he likes to do, and stay mobile. It will give him a better quality of life for longer, and that means we get to make even more memories together in the years to come.

Now is the time to ensure hearts grow stronger with every beat and double your impact today.

Beyond the importance of funding this project for Jack, it will have a direct impact on my health as well. I am a carrier of the Duchenne gene. That means my heart may be at risk of not beating as strong in the future too and this research will help ALL individuals with dystrophinopathy including carrier females like me.

Commit today and have your gift matched!

Your gift to support PPMD’s Cardiac Initiative will help Jack, it will help me, and it will help a generation of individuals fighting Duchenne. Help make hearts beat stronger today!


Emma Ridolphi
Duchenne Sibling, Duchenne Carrier

P.S. Your gift will go twice as far through midnight on December 31st.

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