December 27, 2019 / Community

Donate to PPMD today and help make tomorrow TWICE as strong

I know we are right in the thick of the holiday season with a new year quickly approaching, so I thank you for taking a minute to read this note. The holidays can be a difficult time, with Duchenne invading our home like an unwelcomed guest during an otherwise joyous time of year.

Thankfully, there’s PPMD.

When our son Brendan was diagnosed just before his second birthday, his neurologist directed us to PPMD. He assured us that PPMD could provide us with the help, knowledge, and support we would need to begin our Duchenne journey. Introducing us to this amazing organization is one of the greatest gifts we ever received—and we’ve been with PPMD ever since.

Before the New Year approaches, join our family and donate to PPMD today! PPMD has guided this community for 25 years, and your donation will help ensure that together we can continue to fight. All donations will be matched thanks to an incredible gift from our community!

PPMD is accelerating our community’s access to effective treatments and optimal care. They are leading the push for more inclusive trials, standardizing measures so that trials are successful, and working to ensure access to future therapies when they are approved. All while investing in the most promising potential treatments, including significant investments in gene therapy and cardiac-related therapies, and a commitment to supporting promising early-stage preclinical work. We know it will take PPMD’s expansive, integrated approach to end Duchenne, and we know they can’t do it alone. Your donation today – which will be doubled! – helps PPMD continue to change the landscape, ensuring a stronger tomorrow.

Supporting PPMD is not just supporting the organization, it is supporting the movement to end Duchenne. And there is nothing else I’d rather be doing. Whether that is advocating for my son at our local hospital or in front of Members of Congress in D.C., I know that I am helping PPMD achieve their mission and achieve real change for Brendan.

We join the fight to end Duchenne by hosting fundraising events, running in races, throwing tailgate parties, and connecting families across the country. I am so honored to be a small part of this movement. This holiday season, we’re helping fund the fight by donating to PPMD, knowing our gift will have double the impact thanks to a generous community match. Will you join us with your gift?

PPMD is the reason I can get up every day. They’re the reason I can smile. They’re the reason I look at my son with encouragement knowing that better, brighter, stronger days are ahead for him. And when those brighter days are here, I’m going to know it’s because of PPMD and the efforts they have put forth for Brendan and everyone with Duchenne.

Enjoy the rest of your holidays and may you have a wonderful 2020!

Colleen Labbadia
PPMD Parent & Connect Coordinator (Florida)

P.S. Your donation today goes twice as far to help PPMD continue to change the landscape, ensuring a stronger tomorrow for Brendan and everyone living with Duchenne. Please give.

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