Pulmonary Video Series

With the help of an expert team of pulmonologists, parents and people living with Duchenne, and support from Santhera Pharmaceuticals, PPMD has worked to develop a series of Pulmonary Awareness videos. This series of 5 videos includes:

Video 1: What to Expect at Your Pulmonary Visit

If you have never been seen by a pulmonologist, you may not know what to expect during your visit.  This video explains what will happen during your visit and what to expect.


Video 2: Cough

Coughing is how you clear your lungs and airway, keeping germs and other toxins out of your respiratory tract.  This video explains all that is involved when your body coughs, and why coughing is important.


Video 3: Assisted Cough

Over time, the muscles that help you cough may become too weak to cough effectively. Mucous containing germs and other toxins can remain in your lungs, causing you to get sick more easily.  If you cough becomes too weak to remove this mucous from your lungs and airways, you will need some help coughing.  This video explains the different ways that your cough can be assisted, keeping your airways clean and your lungs health.


Video 4: Nighttime Breathing

Monitoring your breathing during sleep is important. While you sleep, your body breathes oxygen in and carbon dioxide out. If your body is not getting enough oxygen, or has too much carbon dioxide, you won’t feel your best while you are awake.


Video 5: C-PAP/BiPAP

The differences between C-PAP (continuous airway pressure) and Bi-PAP (bi-level airway pressure), two methods of assisting nighttime breathing, can be confusing.  This video explains the difference between the two and when each should be considered/used.

In addition, we have included: