Connecting with NH Families

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Accessibility & Recreation

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Advocacy Agencies

  • Disabilities Rights Center, Inc.
    Richard Cohen, Executive Director
    P.O. Box 3660
    Concord, NH 03302-3660
    Contact Information:  

Client Assistance Program

  • Governor’s Commission on Disability
    57 Regional Drive
    Concord, NH 03301-9686
    603.271.2837 FAX

Department of Education

  • Bureau of Special Education
    New Hampshire Department of Education
    Virginia Irwin, Division Director
    101 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03301-3860
    603-271-1953 FAX
    Contact information

Early Intervention Services (Infant and toddler)

  • Family Centered Early Supports and Services
    Division of Developmental Services
    Department of Health and Human Services
    Carolyn Stiles, Part C Coordinator/Program Specialist
    129 Pleasant Street
    Concord, NH 03852
    603-271-5166 FAX

Early Intervention Services (Ages 3 to 5)

  • Bureau of Special Education
    State Department of Education
    Ruth Littlefield, 619 Coordinator
    101 Pleasant Street
    Concord,NH 03301-3860
    603-271-1099 FAX

PTI (Parent Training and Information Centers)

Health & Well-Being

  • Special Medical Services
    Special Medical Services provides financial and medical services to children with Special Health Care Needs (CSHCN).  Special Medical Services helps New Hampshire families with children, from birth to age 21 who have or are at risk for a chronic medical condition, disability or special health care need.  Services include health information and support services and specialty health care services for eligible children.
  • Health Insurance Premium Payment Program
    The Health Insurance Premium Payment (HIPP) program defers medical costs from NH Medicaid program by reimbursing certain Medicaid recipients’ or employer-related group health insurance premiums when it is cost effective.
  • Children’s Medicaid (CM) Children’s Health Insurance Plan
    CM,  Expanded CM and Children with Severe Disabilities (CSD) are New Hampshire’s Children’s Health Insurance Programs covering eligible children under age 19.  Financial eligibility is based on family income and size.
    Children’s Medicaid Programs information
    New Hampshire Benefit Programs guide (PDF)
  • Home Care for Children with Severe Disabilities (HCCSD)(Katie Beckett option)
    The Katie Beckett Waiver provides Home and Community Based Services to eligible children under age 19 with disabilities that meet Nursing Facility Level of Care criteria. Eligibility for Non-Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI) medical assistance categories is based on household size, income and resources. Services are provided allowing the child to remain and home and in the community when appropriate.
    Home Care for Children with Severe Disabilities
    New Hampshire Benefit Programs guide (PDF)

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