Classroom Resources

PPMD wants to make sure that families within our Duchenne community are equipped with as many tools as possible to ensure a smooth start to the school year. Because it’s hard enough just to figure out the secret code to get through the front entrance, let alone to have to navigate considerations around IEPs (individualized education programs), accessibility, and what information to provide to whom about your child’s medical care. So, consider this your Back-To-School Survival Kit (at least related to Duchenne).

Information for Parents & Teachers

To better assist parents and teachers in providing a quality education for the student with Duchenne, PPMD has created Education Matters Guides for parents and teachers with the goal of optimizing the child’s, teen’s or adult’s experience in a learning environment.  The guides cover everything from the basics of Duchenne and its progression to specific classroom accommodations organized by age group.

Download the recently updated Educational Matters for Parents and Teachers:

Order a printed guide >

In addition, there are comprehensive resources available in the areas of Adaptive Physical Education and Learning & Behavior in Duchenne:

We also recommend that teachers familiarize themselves with learning and behavior issues children with Duchenne may exhibit.

NEW! PPMD’s Duchenne Educators Masterclass

Building on our continuing education program for healthcare professionals and researchers in the field, PPMD has created the Duchenne Educators Masterclass to educate and empower teachers, school-based therapists, counselors, aides, and administrators to better understand and educate their students with Duchenne.

This information, which is a video-based companion to our Education Matters Guides, is presented in three age-specific comprehensive courses covering Duchenne basics, behavioral and learning considerations, physical therapy and occupational therapy recommendations, and more in an effort to give your academic team the tools they need to better serve your child both in and out of the classroom.

PPMD’s Duchenne Educators Masterclass >

Visit PPMD’s Order Support Materials page to order a free pencil case filled with PPMD’s Duchenne Educators Masterclass information cards. We encourage you to pass these cards along to key educators and personnel in your child’s school so they have access to this Masterclass, which is available free of charge. Educators will also receive a certificate of completion that they may submit for continuing education contact hours.

IEP, 504 Plans, and Accommodation Considerations

Classroom Activities for Understanding Duchenne

Download our ‘Classroom Activities for Understanding Duchenne‘ packet to view age-appropriate classroom exercises that can be done either by parents or teachers to educate students about Duchenne and some of the challenges your child faces on a daily basis. They are easy and can be done in one class period or as part of a larger group gathering, such as an assembly. Involve your child as much as he/she is comfortable and in a way that reflects how you discuss Duchenne at home.

Additional Resources

VIDEO: What is Duchenne? (ages 4-7)

This video is geared towards young kids to help educate them, their friends and siblings, and others close to the family about Duchenne, to help them better understand what Duchenne is and how it may affect the way they play and interact with friends and family.

VIDEO: BrainPop Animation (all ages)

PPMD’s four-minute animated BrainPop video provides children of all ages with a clear understanding of Duchenne (also available in Spanish).

Downloadable Books

PPMD also has age-appropriate downloadable books available to help children learn about Duchenne:

  • DMD and Me: A Popping Wheelies Picture Book (download)
  • Welcome To My Street: A Popping Wheelies Picture Book (download)
  • What Did You Do Today: A Popping Wheelies Picture Book (download)
  • Additional books by Sue Nuenke celebrating diversity are available at