June 26, 2018 / Community,Research

#PPMDConference: Live Stream the Latest Duchenne Research News and Updates

Research. There is a momentum in the Duchenne research pipeline, the likes of which we have never seen before. Join us at PPMD’s Annual Conference, Thursday, June 28 – Saturday, June 30 to find out the latest research news and updates from the scientists and companies on the frontlines in the fight to end Duchenne.

For over two decades, PPMD has been committed to exploring and supporting every single therapeutic possibility. We take a cutting-edge approach to accelerate finding treatments that will end Duchenne for every single person impacted by the disease. And while the therapeutic pipeline of potential treatments for Duchenne has never been so full of promise, we’ve never had so many questions. From the rapidly expanding field of gene therapy in Duchenne, to the latest in restoring dystrophin, inflammation, and muscle mechanics, there is so much we are beginning to understand and so much still to explore.

Join the 2018 #PPMDConference Live Stream!

Take a look at this year’s Conference agenda, and make sure you attend – whether live or via our free streaming – the research topics most relevant to you or your child. Not sure? Check them all out!

Whether attending the Conference in person or joining us virtually through our free streaming, attending these research sessions with scientists and industry will increase your understanding of Duchenne and the therapeutic strategies being pursued.

Thank you for joining the fight. Because of you, we WILL end Duchenne.

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