December 12, 2018 / Care,Research,Webinars

WATCH: The Heart of PPMD’s Research – Webinar Recording

ICYMI: Yesterday, I had the privilege of hosting an in depth look at PPMD’s cardiac research priorities in Duchenne for 2019. If you were unable to join us live, I hope you will take a moment to watch these presentations so that you can better understand our commitment to bettering heart health in our community, not just for people living with Duchenne but for those who are or may be carriers.

We understand heartache in this community all too well. Now is the time to come together as a community and attack Duchenne from every angle, with a focus on slowing progression in every system.

Please support our efforts to expand our Cardiac Initiative so that, together, we can fund the promising research on the horizon.

Watch the Recording

There is so much promise in gene therapy and other therapeutic approaches being explored by leading researchers around the world. But a strong heart is a necessary part of the equation. We must have healthy hearts to end Duchenne.

If you haven’t given to PPMD’s Cardiac Research Initiative, please consider making a donation today. Thanks to a family in our community dedicated to research that gets to the heart of the matter, all donations will be doubled dollar for dollar until we reach our goal of $550,000!

Topic overview

  • Studying the effects of gene therapy on the heart — to accelerate the potential treatment of not only children but adults with Duchenne
    Presented by H. Lee Sweeney
  • Understanding cardiac MRIs — what we have learned and how we can use that knowledge to better characterize and ultimately prevent dystrophin cardiomyopathy
    Presented by Kan Hor
  • Cardiac health of carrier moms — continuing to learn more about the hearts of carriers
    Presented by May Ling Mah

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