December 30, 2020 / Community

Tomorrow is the last chance to double your gift

We’re almost there. Tomorrow at midnight we will ring in a new year, one we all hope will bring a slow return to normalcy, to being together again, and to embracing our loved ones. This community is no stranger to the long haul, and hunkering down for a slow and steady climb. While this year has given us challenges we never expected, it has also given us more strength, more determination, and more appreciation for our world and each other.

Thanks to this community and your drive to never, ever give up, we are so close to our goal of raising $400,000 for PPMD’s Duchenne Protein Mapping Project. This initiative will allow us to unlock answers to essential questions about the progression of Duchenne. But we still need your help to get there. Thanks to our community partners Team Joseph, Little Hercules Foundation, Ryan’s Quest, and Another Day for Gray, all gifts made before 12/31 will be doubled up to $200,000. Donate now to make double the impact.

The Duchenne Protein Mapping Project, part of our Biomarkers Initiative, will bring together years of clinical data, and analyze blood and urine collected during these studies to identify and map circulating proteins. This is a novel partnership that brings together SomaLogic’s technology, Imaging DMD, and Leiden University along with every family who has contributed to these studies. We will also enlist BioSymetrics, an Artificial Intelligence based drug discovery company, to undertake the robust processing needed to analyze the wealth of data generated from SomaScan.

The investment and sacrifices this community has made through blood, sweat, and tears may have already given us the elements we need to understand disease progression. Your commitment may unlock essential answers. With your support, we can unleash the breakthroughs in this critical data.

This year brought uncertainty for us all. Let’s embrace the certainty that data can bring to this community. Invest in PPMD’s Duchenne Protein Mapping Project and help us unleash breakthroughs that will get us closer to a world without Duchenne. Donate now so that we can reach our goal of $400,000.

I wish you and your family a safe, happy and peaceful new year.


Pat Furlong
Founding President & CEO

Reminder: 2020 Tax Breaks
This year only, deductions on cash gifts can be taken on 100% of adjusted gross income. Supporters who use the standard deduction rather than itemizing can now deduct an additional $300 of cash contributions to charitable organizations like PPMD. Take advantage of this one-time only tax break and donate today.

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