April 18, 2023 / Community

PPMD’s Knight Hacks is LIVE! Explore Everyday Tips & Tricks for Families

Have you been in search of an easier way to brush your teeth? A new way to organize your snack shelf that makes food easier to access? Great, accessible travel tips?

Introducing Knight Hacks: Everyday Tips and Tricks for Families!

Thanks to the generosity of PTC Therapeutics and members of the community, PPMD has established Knight Hacks: Everyday Tips and Tricks for Families, in memory of Angela Knight.

One of Angela Knight’s enduring legacies is that she never let Duchenne stop her son Jack from doing everything he wanted in life. Whether it was creating travel adventures, finding accessible transportation when there seemed to be none, or setting Jack up for successful independent living in college, Angela always found a way to make things work.

Find out what some creative members of the Duchenne and Becker community do to make everyday life a little easier, and submit your own hack today!

Check out Knight Hacks >

Questions? Contact Jamie Jones, PPMD’s Community Engagement Coordinator at jamie@parentprojectmd.org.