Connect with PPMD’s Care Team

At PPMD, we place immense value on personal connection with the Duchenne community to provide support and partner with you on this complex journey. PPMD’s Care Team is made up of several staff members with expertise in navigating neuromuscular care and services, and they are available to help answer questions you may have.

The PPMD Care Team offers different meeting types to help provide you with the best support possible. Click below to schedule a meeting that fits your current needs.

Newly Diagnosed

PPMD’s Care Team would love the opportunity to meet with your family to help you understand what this diagnosis means and what to expect in terms of care and resources that may be necessary. We are here to answer any questions you may have, and be a helping hand to establish quality, comprehensive care for your child, as well as come alongside you as you navigate the early days during and after diagnosis.

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Care Coordination

We understand building a care team can be difficult, and also recognize every family’s needs are unique and individualized. PPMD’s Care Team is happy to set up a time to discuss yours or your child’s care needs including options to receive coordinated, multidisciplinary neuromuscular care in your area, or connect you to those who can help. We can also share insight about a particular area of care and discuss the best approach.

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School & Education

Setting you or your child up to be successful and safe at school is imperative. PPMD’s Care Team can help navigate the best way to approach your school and/or administration, provide resources to prepare for IEP/504 meetings, and suggest ideas for speaking to the classroom about Duchenne from the toddler years through college and beyond.

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Navigating Resources & Benefits

Teaching others who may not be familiar with Duchenne is difficult, and PPMD has a wealth of resources tailored to any situation. PPMD’s Care Team aims to equip you with everything you need to advocate for your child, whether it be with a new therapy service, drug access program, or day-to-day medical services or equipment. Although every state is different, we will help you navigate any issues that arise and connect you with specialized contacts if needed.

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