January 5, 2021 / Community

Because of You, We Can Unleash Breakthroughs

Thanks to your generosity, I am proud to announce that we reached our goal of $400,000 to fund PPMD’s Protein Mapping Project, making the formal launch of our Biomarkers Initiative a success! I am thankful to our community partners Team Joseph, Little Hercules Foundation, Ryan’s Quest, and Another Day for Gray for their commitment to this project and for matching all gifts up to $200,000 during this campaign.

I am continually blown away by the generosity of this community and am forever grateful for your unwavering support.

Every dollar helps us reach our goals as we continue to expand our Biomarkers Initiative. There’s still time to help unlock data and unleash breakthroughs for the future. If you haven’t had the chance to support our Duchenne Protein Mapping Project, you can do so today.

In a year filled with so much uncertainty, bringing predictability to our day-to-day is important. The Duchenne Protein Mapping Project has the potential to help us better understand and predict the course of Duchenne. We will look at years of data contributed by our community, and work to determine why progression differs from person to person and what therapies might work in the future. We will form a novel partnership that brings together data collected by Imaging DMD and Leiden University, and that utilizes SomaLogic’s technology and Biosymetrics’ expert analysis to further define how and why Duchenne progresses.

The project would not be possible without the dedication and sacrifice of our families. Thank you.

After Rasha’s son Bazi’s diagnosis, she knew that information and data were extremely important, not only for her understanding of the diagnosis but for the researchers and scientists around the world working on various treatment options. He soon enrolled in the most comprehensive natural history study with ImagingDMD at the University of Florida in order to contribute critical data and determine an early baseline.

Susan’s family understands that doing their part as citizen scientists — as part of the natural history and cardio-pulmonary studies with Imaging DMD — will help to push Duchenne research forward. She truly believes that unlocking the secrets of her son Tommy’s data will unleash the breakthroughs of tomorrow.

Austin has grown up advocating for himself, for his brother, and for his friends with Duchenne. He hopes a less invasive way to study progression will make a difference in drug trials and development in the future.

I have been a part of this community for more than 25 years and I have witnessed the investment and sacrifices made through literal blood, sweat, and tears. This commitment gives us the elements we need to understand disease progression. It is because of this, and your generosity, that we can unleash the breakthroughs in this data.

Thank you again for your support and for your resilience through these trying times. My wish for 2021 is that it’s a year of love and hope, promise and answers.

Best Wishes Always,

Pat Furlong
Founding President & CEO

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