September 26, 2018 / Webinar

Webinar: Puberty and Duchenne

Online Webinar

Adolescence is a time of change – changing bodies, changing emotions, changing friends, changing lives. All of these changes are part of puberty, caused by increased levels of testosterone (the male sex hormone). But for most young people living with Duchenne and taking steroids, these changes are delayed. Not going through puberty at the same time as your peers can be extremely distressing.

To help us to have the most current information on Puberty and Duchenne, Dr. Robert Benjamin, a pediatric endocrinologist from Duke Children’s Hospital and Health Center, will present a webinar September 26, 1:00 – 2:00 EST.  Topics covered in this webinar will include: what is normal puberty, the impact of steroids on puberty, what is delayed puberty, and how can delayed puberty can be treated.

Please join us for this important webinar to learn all about Puberty and Duchenne.

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