Edasalonexent (CAT-1004)

Edasalonexent (CAT-1004)


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Therapeutic Approach

Reducing Inflammation

The muscles of individuals with Duchenne are constantly in a state of inflammation. Edasalonexent is an oral small molecule investigational drug candidate that inhibits NF-kB, a potent promoter of inflammation. By inhibiting NF-kB, it is thought that edasalonexent may reduce muscle damage and increase muscle regeneration in boys with Duchenne without the side effects of steroids.


A global Phase 3 trial to evaluate the efficacy and safety of edasalonexent in Duchenne muscular dystrophy is active, but no longer recruiting participants.

On March 17, 2020, Catabasis Pharmaceuticals shared an update responding to questions about edasalonexent and COVID-19, reporting that they not identified any safety concerns related to COVID-19 and they continue to monitor the trial for the safety of the participants. Their March 26, 2020 newsletter addressed additional questions.


This program is sponsored by Catabasis Pharmaceuticals.

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Media Library

JUNE 2019

Catabasis Presents at the PPMD 2019 Annual Conference


Webinar: PolarisDMD – Phase 3 Clinical Trial of Edasalonexent

On November 7, 2018, Catabasis joined Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy for a webinar to discuss the Phase 3 PolarisDMD clinical trial studying edasalonexent in Duchenne muscular dystrophy, which is enrolling boys ages 4 to 7 (up to 8th birthday) regardless of mutation type who have not been on steroids for at least 6 months.
JUNE 2018

Catabasis Presents at the PPMD 2018 Annual Conference

OCT 2017

Webinar: MoveDMD Trial Open-Label Extension Results

PPMD and Catabasis Pharmaceuticals hosted a webinar on October 11, 2017 to hear a community update on the results from the open-label extension of the MoveDMD trial.
FEB 2017

Webinar: MoveDMD Trial: Catabasis Provides Update

The Catabasis team spoke to our community on February 2, 2017 to discuss what they learned from this latest trial and what comes next in the MoveDMD program.

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