Hiking 500 miles along the Pacific Crest Trail to help end Duchenne!

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My journey

This summer, my family embraced a new cause which has had a tremendous impact on both my heart and my life. My great nephew Jonathan (3 years old) was diagnosed with Duchenne muscular dystrophy, a life-limiting condition. As I searched for meaning in all this confusion, the passion to "DO" something was overwhelming.

But what?

I decided to hike to raise awareness and support for Duchenne. Yet a guy like me hiking for a week or so is literally only going to go so far. So, "Because I Can," I am committing to at least 500 miles of trekking on the PCT.

The limitations of those with Duchenne begin to impair muscular strength at an early age and walking eventually is not possible. I am embarking on this "Because I Can" hike for those who cannot. With honor and privilege, I will go as far as I am able.

All hikers use a trail name. Due to my belief in the Oneness vision, I walk under the name 1Step. I will be regularly posting progress and aspects of the adventure as well as sharing some of the enlightening perspectives discovered along the introspective journey. I trust that the video and written journaling will serve your life in a special way. May you each be Blessed along your own personal life path.

- Tim 1Step Rice

How can you help?

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