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My Donor Portfolio™

My Donor Portfolio

My Donor Portfolio™ (MDP) is an online tool developed by Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy (PPMD) to help you better visualize and manage your research donations to the organization. You can browse projects that need funding, allocate your donation to projects of your choice, and follow the progress of those projects. The tool also allows you to see and track all of your allocations at once, in the same way that you may be used to seeing your 401K information summarized.

What Is Required to Set up an Account?

A minimum donation to PPMD of $10,000 is required to open an MDP account. After the account is open, new donation deposits in the amount of $2,500 or more can be added to the account at any time. To open an account, contact Kimberly Galberaith, PPMD COO at

Are Foundations Eligible for MDP Accounts?

Yes, either a single individual, a foundation, or business that is a legal entity may have an MDP account. You can even name your foundation as a “Contributing Donor” so that you can make donations directly to your MDP account yourself and apply separate funds from your foundation.

What You Are Funding

  • What kind of projects are available for donation allocations?
    We will make available a selection of research projects that have been reviewed by PPMD’s Scientific Advisory Committee or at least two ad hoc scientific advisors, and which have been approved for funding by PPMD’s Board of Directors. For a research project to be posted on MDP we must have a signed Award Letter in hand from the grantee. Right now we are offering a series of high profile research projects that will require significant funding to complete. As time goes on, we hope to gradually transition all of our research projects, including meeting grants, to MDP and we will eventually add projects related to care, education, and advocacy as well. We firmly believe in the inter-related nature of care, education, and advocacy in therapy development and we want to give you the opportunity to balance your donor portfolio among these categories as you see fit.

  • How are the projects that appear on the MDP project list vetted? Are grantees held accountable for progress?
    Projects are reviewed by PPMD’s Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC). Each application receives 2-4 written reviews and then the applicant has an opportunity to address reviewer comments. The SAC then discusses the applications and responses and makes funding recommendations. Final funding decisions are reviewed and approved by the PPMD Board of Directors.

    All funded projects are actively managed by PPMD’s Vice President for Research and PPMD’s Grant Manager. All projects have reporting requirements and are evaluated for progress on the project aims. In addition, investigators must supply an annual report of expenditures and documentation that all legal requirements for human or animal research are up to date. Certain projects, designated “milestone-driven,” must in addition provide documentation that individual named milestones have been met before the payment associated with that milestone is mailed out. A small steering committee of outside experts selected by PPMD and the grant recipient determines if milestones have been met. PPMD reserves the right to cancel any project and request the return of unexpended funds if the project fails to make sufficient progress or if the grantee is significantly delinquent in providing any of the predetermined documentation as agreed in the individual award letter.

Learn More

Contact Kimberly Galberaith, PPMD COO at to discuss creating an MDP account.

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